Great book reports can land you the highest grades and influence your academic score by a lot. They aren’t assigned so often, which is why it is your job to do them perfectly. But, in the midst of all other assignments, your homework and your study plan, reading a book and writing a report on it can seem impossible.
A college book report isn’t an essay you write after reading some online sources and visiting a library for an hour or two. It isn’t something that you write by stating an argument and presenting other sources that support it. To write a book review, you have to actually dedicate valuable time on reading the book. Then, you have to present your point of view and back it up with examples, something which requires that you get back to the book a couple more times.

The Steps of Writing a Book Report

These steps should help you understand the process of writing a book report and boost your writing skills.
• Find your objective
The objective is the point you plan to argue or a question that you intend to answer in your book report. Sometimes this will come as part of the instructions, but most of the time, it will be your job to find the topic to discuss in your book report. Since this is the idea that demands the focus of the entire book report, it is the very first thing you must develop.
• Get the essentials
There are plenty of things you might need when you sit down to write a book report. First and most obviously, you need the actual book. In addition to it, get some sticky note flags, a notepad and a pen. Mental notes can only work if the book is minor, and it is always better to write things down in case you need the information later.
If you don’t take notes while reading the book, you’ll probably have to get back to it a lot when writing that second grade book report.
• Read the book
This is an obvious step, but you should not take it lightly. Reading a book for fun is different from reading the book for a report. When you have to write a report on a book, you need to be fully focused on everything. Your task is to explore the topic by tracking the characters, taking notes as the plot unravels, noticing the small details, creating your own impressions about the writer’s style and approach, etc.
So, when we say that you should read the book, we mean that you need to do it with care and caution. Reading a book for a report can take much more time than just reading it for fun.
• Try to find the patterns
Patterns are very important in reviewing a book. As you record things and stick those sticky notes on the important details, look for signs and flags that show a pattern or a point. Write down the possible issues and themes and note down all the things that address your point of view or answer your question.
• Make an outline
If you’ve been writing papers for a while, you probably know the importance of an outline. As soon as you have all those notes and you’ve read the book at least once, you need to organize everything and start writing.
The most effective and fastest way to organize those notes is through an outline. Review all the notes you made and see whether they support your point of view and claims. In this process, you’ll probably have to eliminate the unrelated notes and organize the rest, all of which will help you with the actual process of writing book reviews.
• Start with topic sentences
Each paragraph should present an individual idea. But, since you also have to create transitions between paragraphs for a better flow, it is best to start with the topic sentences.
With the help of your outline, create as many topic sentences as the number of paragraphs you plan to write. Then, fill out the paragraphs around those sentences.

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A College Book Report for a High Grade

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