Before using this website, we ask you to carefully read the terms and conditions set out in this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement). The Agreement contains important information on the use of the website and important information on the provision of services that you can obtain through this website.

By entering this website, clicking “Place your Order”, signing up, accessing or using our services (described below), you agree to enter into a legally binding agreement with our company.

The company reserves the right to change, amend, revise or otherwise modify any or all provisions of this Agreement.
You agree to read this Agreement yourself before each use of the website.

If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, you must not use this website and, leave it when possible.

By continuing to use our services after Terms and Conditions were changed and published on the website you agree to the updated Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to terminate this Agreement, you may do so by sending a request to delete your account and cease using the website, including visiting the website.

The collection, use and transfer of personal data is regulated by the Privacy Policy (including the terms of cookies use and automatic information collection tools use) which is an integral part of this agreement.

1. Vocabulary

1. 1. ‘Agreement’ is the Terms and Conditions expressed here.

1. 2. ‘Entity’ refers to the body offering services of a writing and research nature and associated tasks on an independent basis to Clients. The terms by which the service is offered are set out here.

1.3. “Website” stands for this website that is open for free visual review, operated by the Company, publicly available on the Internet at

1. 4. ‘Writer’ refers to the individual who provides services for the Entity on a work to order basis, according to the terms of the Entity.

1.5 .“You”, “Client”, ”User” is the one who uses the website and/orrefers to the individual who makes5 an Order for a Product with the Entity, according to this agreement.

1. 6. ‘Order’ refers to a Product or Service that the Client pays for, and which is delivered electronically by the Entity.

1. 7. ‘Order Status’ refers to the progress of the order.

1. 8. ‘Product’ is the result of the completed Order in the form of a digital document.

1. 9. ‘Product Revision’ refers to the original Product that has been edited at the request of the Client.

1. 10. ‘Customer Services Department’ or ‘Support refers to that section of the Entity which is dedicated to facilitating the ordering process and assisting Clients.

1. 11. ‘Quality Assurance Department refers to a section of the Entity responsible for checking and maintaining the quality of both the Product and services.

1. 12. ‘Message System’ allows contact to be made between the Client and Writer or Support via the website interface.

1. 13. ‘Verification Process’ is the process that a Client must undergo to confirm billing identity and for fraud checks.

1. 14. ‘Order Credit’ is a financial account held by the Client inside the Entity.

2. Nature of Service and Product and Terms and Conditions of Usage

2. 1. The service offered by the Entity provides expert Writers for independent writing and research services. This service is offered to Clients for the purpose of assisting them with academic assignments. The Entity is unable to offer any guarantees as to the outcome or grades. The Client understands that the documents offered by the Entity are solely intended for the purposes of research, and that the Entity cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the improper use of the documents.

2. 2. The Client agrees to check whether such services as offered by the Entity are permitted under the laws of their country, and to verify their college/university/school guidelines and regulations before using the Entity’s services.
2. 3. The Client agrees that they are solely responsible for the decision to use the services provided by the Entity, and that the Entity, its Writers, and employees cannot be made liable if that decision contravenes the rules of the Client’s place of study, or are not permitted under the law where the Client resides. Nor is the Entity responsible if the Client provides incorrect information, either intentionally or unintentionally.

2.4. The company does not require Clients to specify the age and cannot determine the age of persons who visit this site. If you are under 16 years of age, you have to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian to send us any personal information or visit this Site.

If you are a parent or guardian of a minor and you have reason to believe that your child or ward has provided his / her personal data to the Company without your prior consent, please contact us at
Creating an Order using knownto be false information (including creating an Order registered to another person and a person under 16 without the prior consent of a parent or guardian) is a violation of the terms of the Agreement.

3. Ordering Process

3. 1. Making an Order. The Clients bears full responsibility to register on the site with a current email and phone number – both home number and mobile number if possible). This is to facilitate communication with the Client if necessary during the Order process. Failing to supply the correct details may cause problems in completing the Order and are an infringement of the terms in this agreement and may result in the Client forfeiting any claim regarding the implied guarantee or warranty of this agreement.

When using your account, the Client undertakes to:
• keep his password confidential and not share it with third parties;
• immediately notify the Support Team in case of disclosure or suspicion of disclosure of the password used to access the website.
The customer is responsible for everything that happens in connection with his account until he closes it or reports its misuse by others.

The Client is not permitted to make direct contact with the Writer, in order to protect their personal information. Instead, they will have access to a Message System on the site and a 24/7Customer Services Department.

3. 2. Once payment is received for the Order, the Client’s information in the Order description, as well as any other files submitted for the purpose of the Order completion will be made available to the Writer. The Client is asked to refrain from providing the Writer with any personal information or billing details, such as email address or credit card details. The Entity cannot be held responsible if the Client discloses any such information.

3. 3. Payment. The Client must pay in full for the Product or service before work can begin on their Order. The Client is fully responsible for any failure to make payment on time.

3. 4. Discounts. The customer is required to complete the Order form in an attentive and accurate manner. Discount codes are unable to be applied to any order after it has been paid for. The company has no obligation to offer a replacement or any compensation in the event of a code not being correctly used in the order process. Customers are not permitted to combine special offers and discount codes in a single order, and they cannot be combined with other additional services.

3. 5. Instructions. The Client is obliged to provide instructions that are precise and clear. Any failure on the part of the Client to provide clear instructions may affect the ability of the Entity to complete the Order before the deadline requested by the Client. In this situation, the Entity may require additional instructions; if the Client fails to provide these within a reasonable time frame and before the deadline, the Entity will be unable to fulfil any implied guarantee or warranty, nor can they be held accountable. The Client understands that after completion of the Order, a request for revision scan only be considered based on the original Order. If the instructions for the original Order are changed, this will be regarded as editing and will incur an extra charge. All instructions, as well as any additional requests, are required in order for a Writer to be assigned to the Client’s Order. Any failure of the Client to fulfil this requirement means that the Client has invalidated these Terms and Conditions and therefore forfeits any claim to the implied guarantee or warranty.

3. 6. Resources. The Writer will be permitted to make use of any resource, such as journals, newspapers, books, online publications. If the Client requires specific materials to be used by the Writer, or wishes others not to be used, he or she must advise the Entity when placing the Order.

Instructions and specific sources must be provided by the Client within the time schedule stated below.
48 hours – 10 days: Within 8 hours.
12 hours – 24 hours: Within 1 hour.
12 hours – or less: Within 20 minutes.
If the Client fails to adhere to this requirement, they will be violating this agreement and itsterms and conditions and the Client will forfeit any claim to the implied guarantee or warranty.

3. 7. Matching of the Academic Level. The Client bears full responsibility for choosing the correct Academic Level required, and accepts full liability for any failure to do so. They should contact the Customer Services Department in the event of making an error.

3. 8. Checking the Message System. The Client is responsible for checking regularly to view any updates regarding the Order. The Client is also responsible for responding quickly to any messages requesting a response. No refund will be given if the Client fails to check the Message System.

3. 9. Placement of An Incorrect Order. The Entity retains the right to not proceed with any Order if the details are inconsistent or fail to match the original description. The Client may incur an additional charge if they made an inaccurate description, or chose an incorrect Product. Additional changes may incur extra payment. These include Writer level upgrade or extension of a deadline. Such additional payments will only be made with the approval of the Client.

3. 10. Order Progress Tracking. The Client is asked to make use of their personal account on the website to keep in regular contact with Support and the Writer.

Possible statuses of an Order are:
Awaiting payment – the Order has been registered on the Entity’s system, but work will not be initiated until the Client makes payment.

Research begun–the Order has been paid for and the Entity’s Researchers are collecting and preparing materials for the Writer.

Work in progress –a Writer has been assigned your Order and has begun work.

Completed – The Order is complete and the Product is available in the Client’s account area on the website. The Client should download and review it.

Returned for revision –the Writer is making changes to the Product as the Client’ has requested.

Hold – there is a problem with the Order and the Customer Services Department have put the Order on hold. The Writer will not work on the Order until the issue has been resolved. The Client should contact the Customer Services Department or view the Messaging Board.

Cancelled – the Order has been cancelled and no further work will be made.

3. 11. The Client can request a draft of their Order, although this cannot be guaranteed if the Order has been requested within 48 hours.

3. 12. Preferred Writer. The Client can request a preferred Writer, although the availability of the Writer cannot be guaranteed. The Entity may decline the request for a preferred Writer for reasons such as quality or failure to deliver Orders on time. The Client will be provided with a justification for the refusal of a preferred Writer.
Should the Client still wish to proceed with their preferred Writer, the Entity bears no responsibility for any subsequent failure by the Writer regarding quality or punctuality, and no refund is guaranteed.

4. Order Delivery Policy and Downloading

4. 1. The Entity will not be responsible or liable for any delivery failures which occur as a result of issues outside its control, such as the Client providing an incorrect email address, or the Client’s email system sending messages to a spam folder. The Client has full access to the Customer Services Department if they experience delivery problems with the Order.

4. 2. If the Product is delivered within the time frame requested by the Client, and the Client neglects to download the Product by that time, the Entity cannot be held responsible. No refund can be made for work completed by the Writer.

5. Verification Process

5. 1. The Entity endeavours to take every reasonable step to prevent fraud and protect the billing data of the Clients, and is obliged by banks, merchant providers and the authorities to protect the credit card details of its Clients. Given that the business of the Entity is conducted online, and that the Product is conveyed electronically, delivery does not require a written signature.

5. 2. The company reserves the right and power to request from the customer at any pointa full copy of a billing statement, a photocopy of the customer’s credit card (all numbers except the last four can be covered)
All and any of the documents shared with the company are never passed on to any third parties, they are only requested for the purposes of verifying the customer’s identity. The company does not save or store these copies and they are disposed of once the verification process has been completed.

5. 3. The Client must fulfil any request for verification within the following time frame, in order to comply with any implied warranty or guarantee. If they fail to do so, they forfeit any claim to an implied warranty or guarantee.
Order requested from 48 hours – 10 days: within 8 hours of making the Order.

Order requested from 12-24 hours: within 1 hour of making the Order.

Order requested within less than 12 hours: within the first 20 minutes of making the Order.

5. 4. The Entity works closely with the authorities to fight cyber crime. The Entity reports all fraudulent Orders and any unauthorized use of a credit card to the relevant law enforcement agencies for further investigation.

6. Termination

6. 1. The Entity retains the right to cancel an Order, even once it is paid for, if they suspect fraud or the Client has failed to respond to communication. No refund can be guaranteed in these instances. The Entity retains the right to determine what response to take, with each case treated independently.

7. Revision policy

7. 1. The Free Revision policy is provided as a courtesy to Clients. Requests for a Free Revision must be made within fourteen days of the initial completion date of the Order, or thirty days for larger orders such as a dissertation or thesis. In the event of this deadline having passed, the Client may request an Order revision at extra cost.

7. 2. The Entity’s Quality Assurance Department may choose to limit or decline revision requests, for example, for: changes from the initial Order instructions; any abuse of the Free Revision policy, excessive requests for revision; or any other as deemed reasonable.

7. 3. The Quality Assurance Department may refuse a revision request at their discretion.

8. Originality guarantee.

8. 1. The product ordered by the customer is guaranteed to be completely original. All orders are checked over using the most advanced anti-plagiarism software available to ensure 100% originality of work. The company operates a strict zero tolerance policy for plagiarized work.

8. 2. Customers can add a plagiarism report service to their order for an additional fee. If requested, the company provides this report along with the finished product. The company is not obliged to offer a copy of any plagiarism report for every subsequent product revision that might take place.

9. Satisfaction Guarantee

9. 1. The ordered product is guaranteed to be completed according to the customer’s stated instructions and delivered to the client in an agreed timely manner.

9. 2. The Entity will only check its own Orders for plagiarism, and not any materials provided from other sources. No refund shall be made if a proofread/formatted paper or Product supplied by the Client is deemed to have been plagiarized.

9. 3. Cancellation of an Order can be made any time during the period it is being worked on and before it is completed.

9. 4. Any requests for a refund or to cancel an Order should be made in writing in the form of an email to the Customer Services Department or via the Order Message System. The Client is entitled to request a partial or complete refund in the case of being dissatisfied with the Order or receiving the Order after the deadline. Such refunds are made on a case to case basis, and are at the discretion of the Entity.

9. 5. If the Client wishes to request a refund on the grounds of quality of the Product, the should provide firm evidence to back up their claim. Refund requests will be referred to the Quality Assurance Department for investigation only once such evidence has been provided. The Quality Assurance Department may request further evidence, and this should be provided promptly.

9. 6. All refund requests must be received by the Entity no later than seventy-two hours after the Order’s completion, or the Client’s satisfaction with the Product will be presumed and no refund can be made
9. 7. If under any circumstances a full refund is made, or payment is retracted after the Order has been delivered, the Entity retains full ownership of the Product and the Client may not use it under any circumstances. The Entity will possess the right to use, share, distribute or resell the Product.

9. 8. The Entity cannot be held responsible if the Client fails to derive any benefit from the Product, or if any improper use is made of the Product, and the Entity is not obliged to make a refund should the Client’s grades prove inadequate. More details can be found in section 2. 1.

9. 9. Store Credits may be awarded by the Entity for any inconveniences. These credits must be used within 365 calendar days of being awarded; any that remain after this date will be deleted and may no longer be used.

9. 10. Short Message Service (SMS) Alerts are messages between the Entity and the Client via mobile phone. When the Client places an Order, it gives authority to the Entity to send such messages when they deem necessary. These may include notifications of discounts and special offers. The Entity is not responsible for any charges made by the Client’s mobile service provider.

10. Promotional Materials

11. 1. The Entity retains the right to send email messages to the Client concerning special offers, discounts, additional services, or any other information that the Entity believes useful or relevant.

11. 2. The Client agrees that the Entity may send emails and other forms of digital communications such as push notifications or SMS.

11.3. When sending commercial and marketing emails, we include a link where the Customer can unsubscribe from receiving such communications in the future. In case of any problems associated with receiving marketing messages, the Client can email us at

11. Waiver of Breach

11. 1. If the Entity chooses to waive any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Client, this shall not be considered an implicit acceptance of any other breach, prior or subsequent. All resolutions made under these Terms and Conditions shall be considered to be cumulative; that is, in accumulation with all other resolutions made here or under the law.

11. 2. If the Entity fails to insist on complete adherence to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, it shall be considered to refer only to a specific instance and may not be applied to any other breach of the terms and conditions.

12. Amendments

12. 1. The Entity retains the right to make any amendment or revision to these Terms and Conditions. The Client accepts the imposition of any subsequent changes, and agrees to review the Agreement regularly to make themselves aware of any such changes.

13. Entire Agreement

13.1 This Agreement an integral part of which is the privacy Policy (that includes the Terms of cookies use and means of automatic information collection use), full details of the agreement between the Client and the Entity. Any further statements made by either party or their agent, and that do not agree with the Agreement, will not be valid unless expressly authorized under these Terms and Conditions. Changes to the Agreement must only be made in writing, and be signed by the parties. These Terms and Conditions replaces any previous agreements or communications, either written or verbal, between the Client and the Entity.

14. Severability

14. 1. The Client agrees that if any section of these Terms and Conditions is deemed illegal or in variance with the law of the state where it was made by a court, all remaining sections will not be affected, and the rights and obligations of the Client as stated in the remaining and uncontested terms will remain valid.

15. Law Governing

15. 1. These Terms and Conditions will be administered according to the laws governing the Entity’s main business location.

16. Place of Suit

16. 1. Any legal action carried out to enforce these Terms and Conditions or its provisions may take place in a court of law in the principal location of the Entity, or in any other location that the Entity determines.

17. Termination

The client has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by sending a request to delete the account at